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Working on my design projects

Whether it's writing or photography, I find that my work improves  with practice.  Don't misunderstand me.  My work doesn't get more popular - I neither sell nor give very much away.  It improved my life, though.  I enjoy what I do and if no-one else likes it, then so be it.

An image that went too far.  I was looking for a girl's face to use with my writing, and took the editing several stages too far.  Still happy with it though.  No need to delete.  It serves as a reminder that being artistic is knowing when to stop as much as deciding what to do.

It will all

Work out great in the end

It depends on whom you want as your critic.  If impressing your friends is important, then that is the target.  If impressing yourself is what you aim at, I suspect you will never be fully satisfied.

The next book in the Prophecy Stones series is now available.

It is called Exile and is available from major ebook sellers and in paperback from

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