David Owen

Enjoying being creative

I'm a teacher by profession: countries I've taught in:

England Langley Grammar School, Slough;  John Port School, Derby; Chellaston School, Derby;  Mill Hill School, Derby; Aldercar High School, Derby;  William Allitt School, Burton;  Parkfields School, Berkshire, Bishop's Stortford School, Herts.

Wales: Hawthorn High School, Pontypridd;

Abu Dhabi: Next Step Ltd.

Togo : British School of Lome

Caribbean: British School, Providenciales, British West Indies

Malawi: Kamuzu Academy, Ntunthama

Nigeria: Day Waterman School, Lagos

Tanzania: St Constantine's School, Arusha

Turkey: Bilkent Laboratory and International School 

Seeking a new challenge

Subjects Taught

English, PE, Drama, ICT

Things I like to see in my photos. 

Lighting - natural lighting is the best, but if not available then adding my own light comes second. And if that's not possible, then I turn to photoshop to add a little fake light..

Central content -  I like to have a strong subject as the foca point. If it is an animal I will usually want an eye visible

Personality - I love to capture personality - whether human or animal. Expressions are as varied in animals as in people.

It's all better

When you enjoy what you're doing.

My work and my leisure almost always involve computers. Many of the things I do can be done without a computer - photography, writing, sound effects, organising - but using a computer with all these areas is undoubtedly easier and ultimately of a higher standard.

I enjoy what I do - both work and play, because there is so much variety and creativity involved.