The Writing of David Owen

Prophecy Stones

Prophecy Stones is the all-encompassing title covering all the individual novels, Fire Pool, Light Seeker, Dark Betrayer, Exile and one more, not yet finished or named. More details about the books can be found below.

Fire Pool

The opening story of the Prophecy Stones. Found on the world of Mundo, much of the land is ruled by The Wicca, an elite collection of Witches who have control of the elements - Fire, Water, Earth and Air, but one of The Wicca is not satisfied with her allocation of Power and betrays the others, sending the land into turmoil. As The Wicca realise their fate they search for a controlling force with sufficient Power to combat the evil amongst them - and they find her - a ten year-old girl, named Nesta. The fate of the world rests on Nesta's slim shoulders.

Light Seeker

The second story of Prophecy Stones sees a change in Power as the evil forces on Mundo consolidate their positions while Nesta draws around her a small band of fiercely loyal friends. But the forces arraigned against Nesta, Peyla, Jessica, Kynn and Taiven are too many and too powerful for them to hold back the evil tide. They must look wider and seek additional friends - and not just from the humans. There are other creatures who can help them fight.

Dark Betrayer

The third part of Prophecy Stones requires the friendships of Nesta, Peyla, Jessica, Kynn and Taiven to split up and fight individual battles, leading to some disastrous consequences. Individually the friends find incredible strengths from within but they need to get back together to pool their resources otherwise they will be overwhelmed by the amassing forces aligned against them. 


The fourth part of Prophecy Stones is the darkest story so far. The Alliance has won a few battles but they have been driven further apart by a need to separate and spread their skills. The new age of The Wicca is about to be unleashed and whoever grabs its Power will control the world for the rest of time. Kynn is close to the Power but he cannot succeed alone, and he is gripped by a need to shun the help of his friends. It is a dark, dark time in Mundo

What next?

The fifth and final instalment is coming soon, and sees the culmination of all the efforts of the Alliance and the strength of the evil forces facing a final showdown. There will be only one winner


A group of young scientists at Manchester University discover rocks, which were blasted from Mars following a meteor strike and landed on Earth, contain tiny panspermia - microbes of life that could survive the journey through space. These panspermia cause a virus to be unleashed, altering the DNA of the hosts. But not all viruses are deadly, and these have the capacity to change life - for the better. But that has monetary implications for governments and the fight for control of the virus begins.