David Owen

Photography and writing: my way

-a tale of an artistic journey

Hong Kong

December 2016



Looking across Victoria Harbour from Tsim Sha Tsui

My photographic journey has been long but interesting. Completely self-taught, I've moved from trying to get the best image I can from whatever subject I'm focused on to my latest fad composite photography, and is the main feature on these pages.

Similarly my interest in writing has moved through phases. I write novels. The writing is more for personal amusement than attempting a new career, but there is an audience out there that reads the stories. I'm not a marketer, so it's possible that my readership will not progress to 5 figures, and if you're one of the 5,500 who read Fire Pool, many thanks, and here is advance notice of a new book to come out in 2018. It follows from Fire Pool, and the Prophecy Stones, but has a whole new style of writing - EXILE

Latest photo project

African Wildlife 2017

African Crane

African Black-Masked Weaver

Brown Snake Eagle


Elephant family on a walk out

Elephants at Water Hole


Lioness in Tree


Prophecy Stones

The time was given by returning from a trip to Africa with malaria and double pneumonia. I was supposed to go back out for a contract in Lagos, Nigeria, but I was too weak. So I spent my free time writing. I'd had the idea for a fantasy novel for some time - years in fact - and made up small stories, when I had the chance to daydream, that fitted in with the whole piece. Recovering from illness gave me the chance to put the ideas together and formulate the first novel.

I was helped along by supportive sisters, one whose house I was staying at, another who was always ready to read my work and comment. I was prone to making excuses, starting to write, then scrapping the work and restarting.

"Just write it," Rhian told me. So I did. I left the mistakes and ploughed on. Problems could be sorted later; the important thing was to get the story down in its rough state. From that first story, I learned as much about the process as I did about my own writing. I don't edit as I go along - I don't go back looking for spelling or grammar mistakes. I go forward. And with the practice comes the reward: my writing is improving. The stories are changing from their initial style. If I could, I'd go back and rewrite those first stories. I could do a better job now, but I have too many things I want to push on with: other stories, other ideas, other photographs.

I've had an interest in writing for a very long time, dabbling with it writing short school plays, and sample stories for children, but it wasn't until 2010 that I had a good chance to find the time to write a full length novel.

Designing my way